Fixing corrupt PST files with Outlook recovery tool

Personal Storage Files (PST) are saved as a copy in user’s system. As such files keep on accumulating, there comes a stagnation point when no more PST files could be saved. Even if the PST files are saved, there are chances that to make some room, the PST files will get corrupt and becomes inaccessible very soon. Such response by the system is very rude, but it is not system’s fault. It is an unforeseen event which could take place anytime and anywhere. The reason behind occurrence of such event could vary from virus intrusion, HDD corruption, and sudden system shutdown to other technical deformities.

To deal with PST – related issues Outlook recovery has designed an Outlook recovery tool. The tool impeccably repairs the affected PST files without losing file content. The tool also provides an option to save the repaired PST files to different file formats like PST, EML or MSG.

Features of Outlook Recovery Tool:

  • Splitting of Oversized PST files: Outlook recovery splits the oversized PST files in such a manner that the file contents are not deterred and the splitted files can be saved in the same destination where it was saved before.
  • Data Preview option: The data which is reinstated can be viewed by using ‘Preview’ option. It ensures for perfect repair without any data loss.
  • Retention of Meta properties: Outlook recovery is known to repair the Meta properties during the process of effective repair. It is known to restore emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, schedules and much more.
  • Choice for saving PST files: When the affected PST files are saved, the tool provides different formats to save them. It includes PST, EML or MSG. It simplifies the conversion process that is usually followed after repair of affected PST files.
  • Find’ option: The software has inbuilt ‘Find’ feature that is dedicated to look for specific recovered PST files from entire volume of files without affecting the other sequence.

These features are boon for the users who are brutally affected by PST corruption. To experience the features of the tool download the trial version and enjoy the working of this Outlook recovery tool.

Better to take Trial Version

Outlook recovery tool, comes in trial version and licensed version. For the nave users, it is advised to try the evaluation version that exactly works like the licensed version. The only limitation with the trial version is that it does not saves the recovered results. Upon satisfaction with tool’s performance user can download the licensed version of the tool that comes with 30-days money-back guarantee upon stating valid reason.


How effective Outlook Recovery is?

Outlook recovery has inbuilt algorithm which is powerful enough to deal with PST corruption of any sort. The QFSCI algorithm simplifies the repair process and ensures that during the entire process the data integrity is correctly maintained.

Can I rely on Outlook recovery?

Yes, the tool can be trusted as it has complicated algorithm which is impossible to deceive. To try the reliability of the tool, the trial version can be downloaded that works effectively but with no saving option.

What Outlook recovery for Outlook exactly do?

Outlook recovery is designed to repair the affected PST files that got corrupt due to either software or hardware issues. Once repaired the PST files are saved in different formats like PST, EML or MSG. The tool also assists in saving the PST files in different destinations.

Can Outlook recovery repairs the password-protected PST files?

Outlook recovery deems fit to repair the highly encrypted and even password-protected PST files without data loss. In the entire process password is not required. Thus, repair can be performed without interruption.

What are the supported versions and system requirements?

Outlook recovery supports all versions of MS Outlook (2013 and earlier) and Windows OS. For installation of this tool, the system must have Pentium processor, minimum 64 MB RAM, 10 MB for software installation and some space to save results.

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